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Lessons gained from providing services to MSM

During the 5th South African AIDS Conference, held in Durban over the period of 7-10 June 2011, Anova Health Institute under the banner of Health4Men presented on the lessons learnt from these initiatives. This also includes developments in prevention, treatment and care, plus research and training of healthcare workers. 


Health4Men has made numerous strides in providing health care for men since inception. For more details on the work done and accomplishments made click on the downloads below.


Dr Kevin Rebe (Medical Director, Health4Men – Anova Health Institute, Ivan Toms Center for Men's Health), Talking about sex-Taking a sexual history

Dr Michael Laurino (Senior Technical Advisor and Clinical Manager, Health4Men- Anova Health Institute, Simon Nkoli Clinic), Post-Exposure Prophylaxis in practice



View the Media Advisory, Lessons gained from providing services to MSM ‐ Feedback from the field


To view the invite, click here

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