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Saved by ‘township treatment’


The Health4Men brand has taken on a more sensitive role with this recent publication in the Mail&Guardian newspaper. The article tells of a story of a young white gay couple trying to come to terms with being diagnosed HIV positive. The personal experiences that move from race relations, accessing treatment and building bonds within new surroundings are all taken into consideration.


The Simon Nkoli Clinic is viewed as a place of refuge and assistance by the couple and many other white males coming to the clinic for assistance, although in most cases many are slightly apprehensive about their first visit to the township clinic. 


We see the development of a relationship between doctors and patients and the importance of a service such as that which Health4Men provides. The personal encounter portrayed in the article tells of how HIV has no boundaries and affects us all. The lesson learnt is one that should speak to all regardless of race, religion, class and so on and so forth.


To read the article, click here

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