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H4M addresses the sticky subject of STIs

H4M IN THE NEWS: Today’s edition of The Star featured extensive comment from Anova’s Dr. Michael Laurino who talked about unprotected sex and  STIs.

The doctor told The Star that staff at Anova’s MSM oriented Health4Men clinics are seeing an increase in cases of herpes, gonorrhea and syphilis.

Laurino says that the higher incidence of STIs is proof that people are having unprotected sex. He attributed this unsafe sex trend to an erroneous belief that HIV was no longer a threat, “…among young people there is a perception that HIV is an ‘older generation’ issue.”

However the stats in the article reflect the fact that safe sex should be more in vogue than ever. One in two South Africans will have an STI before they turn 25. And there are plenty of nasties out there.

But Health4Men is in prime position to address the sticky issue of STIs.

Dr Laurino said that because H4M clinics are men friendly and treatment is free, men felt comfortable testing and treating for STIs.

To read the article click here.

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