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Easing the way to Pleasure and Safety: Lubricant Safety and Access around the Globe

The MSMGF Presents: Easing the way to Pleasure and Safety: Lubricant Safety and Access around the Globe

When:   Wednesday 26 February 2014
Time:     7:00 am PST
Where:  Online Webinar 

Lubricants have an unquestionably sensual function: to make sex feel better. People use a wide variety of substances to increase their pleasure during sex and to eliminate pain. In the global response to HIV among MSM, lubricants also serve an important function in the prevention of HIV transmission. Appropriate lubrication reduces the likelihood of condoms tearing and it reduces physical damage to the rectal lining during anal sex. But proper lubrication is in short supply globally, and we know little about the effect of lubricants on the rectal lining.

In this webinar, we will give an overview of the safety of lubricants, and the accessibility of lubricants globally. Specifically, we will provide an overview of:

  • substances used for lubrication during anal sex

  • their effect on the rectal lining

  • the shortage of condom-compatible lubricants globally

  • a successful national advocacy campaign to improve access to condom-compatible lubricants

For some background on Lubricant Safety, see this webinar, and this webinar, previously presented by IRMA. 

Dr. Kevin Rebe will be presenting a recent publication in the South African Medical Journal: "Sexual lubricants in South Africa may potentially disrupt mucosal surfaces and increase HIV transmission risk among men who have sex with men"
The webinar will feature a slide presentation with an opportunity for audience participation.
The webinar will last 60 minutes with an additional 15 minutes for questions and answers. To view the visual presentation, you will need an internet connection. To listen to the audio portion, you will need to connect via telephone or your computer speakers.
International Dial In (please use the following instructions):
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1. Dial-In: United States 8667401260 or (Toll) 3032480285
2. Enter Access Code: 2711954
Click here for a list of global toll-free numbers:
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