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12 Step Self-check To Keep Your Engine Revving!

12 step self-check to keep your engine revving!

Take a read here and let’s keep you healthy, strong and looking fly!



  1. Try to eat healthily. You’re smart; you know what you should be eating and what you shouldn’t.  Bear in mind that sugary cola drinks, cakes, doughnuts, French fries, pizza and stuff like that may be good in the moment, but cholesterol, diabetes, candida, bad skin and an unsightly ‘boep’ may be the long-term result


  1. Get some exercise! Men who aren’t active enough are more likely to develop prostate issues and erectile dysfunction.  Keep your goods good by taking a stroll in the afternoon if you can’t make it to gym


  1. Smoking is bad yo! Smoking damages the small arteries that provide your penis with fresh blood and being fresh out of oxygenated blood also puts you at risk of erectile dysfunction


  1. Chill on the booze a bit. Alcohol impairs your ability to have an orgasm and can also stop you from getting an erection.  Long-term excess can also affect your hormones in a bad way


  1. Check it out! If there are any strange lumps, bumps, growths, blisters, sores, moles and other odd new things on your body, get yourself to your nearest Health4Men Clinic or healthcare provider.  Often even the most dangerous of these symptoms can be treated easily if they are identified early enough


  1. Lube it up! Use water-based lube whenever you jerk-off or have sex.  It prevents the skin on your dick from getting thicker and harder, and you may lose a lot of sensation if you don’t.  Spit won’t do the trick, and if you use spit to have anal sex you put yourself or your partner at risk because it causes small cuts and tears in the anus making possible HIV transmission more likely


  1. Stress less. The more stressed out you are the more you may be compromising your health.  Stress can affect many aspects of your sexual performance and anxiety and depression has a very bad effect on your general health over the long-term.  Think premature ageing and a higher risk of heart disease


  1. Keep it legal. The problem with taking drugs (even if it is just the odd line of Khat), is that you do not know what crap is in it.  Many drugs keep you soft in the crotch no matter what you do.  And many illegal drugs are cut with hectic chemicals that can do any number of terrible things to your health


  1. Don’t share. If you inject drugs to get high the least you can do is make sure that you have enough sealed syringes at hand.  Sharing needles or “blue-toothing,” someone else’s blood into your bloodstream can expose you to HIV, STIs, hepatitis and other dangerous infections


  1. Get wise! Find out about combination prevention treatments like PrEP and condoms at your nearest clinic to learn about several ways that you can use together to keep you HIV-negative if you are.  Or, if you’re HIV-positive, get information on how to use the amazing ARV treatment that’ll help you to stay strong and healthy for the rest of your long life, as well as how to avoid transmitting HIV to anybody else


  1. It doesn’t have to be anal. Anal sex is one of the riskiest forms of sex, especially when it’s condomless. If you have just met someone and things get heated up, there are many other fun things you can do other than anal. Blowjobs, handjobs, fingering, etc. It’s also nice to leave it as something to look forward to as you get to know someone – or not


  1. Do some Kegals doll! Many people think that Kegal exercises are meant for women, but when men do them regularly too, it strengthens the muscles that control the blood flow to your dick.  This not only helps you control staying hard for longer, but it also increases your enjoyment and sensation during ejaculation.  When you pee and stop yourself mid-stream by squeezing the muscles behind your balls and around your anus, you are doing a Kegal exercise.  Clench those muscles for a few seconds a few times daily for great results.
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