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Sexy people come in all shapes and sizes. As they say, everyone is someone’s some kind of wonderful.  But there are some of us out there that have a universal sex appeal.  I’m not talking about big muscles, a bubble butt and washboard abs, necessarily.  Some guys are just incredibly sexy and large groups of people feel a visceral attraction to them. There is no formula for what makes a person sexy.  Some people just have it, like the “X-factor”.

The challenge with being sexy is that a lot of people are going to want to have sex with you, which means you need to be as sussed on your sexual health as possible. With being really sexy comes great responsibility. Being sexy doesn’t mean you are going to be promiscuous, but it does mean that the temptation to have sex will be that much stronger with everyone constantly making passes at you.

If you are a sexy person and are also HIV-negative, you should go to the Ivan Toms Centre for Health in Greenpoint (close to the Waterfront) to find out about free PrEP and how using it can keep you HIV-negative.

If you are a sexy person and happen to be HIV-positive, you should also pop into the Ivan Toms Centre for Health to learn all about U=U.  It means Undetectable equals Untransmittable.  In plain English, it just means that if you take your ARVs like you should until the virus is undetectable in your blood, then you can’t pass it on to a sexual partner.  It also makes you healthier and stronger to have a much weaker virus in your system.

So, ask yourself:  Am I sexy?  I’m willing to bet that the answer is yes.  Get that cute ass to Ivan Toms Centre for Health and make sure you keep your sexy self, strong and healthy.  You can even score some free condoms and lube while you’re there!

If you’d like to get more information or get access to HIV prevention or treatment you can call, text or send a ‘please-call-me’ to Call4Care, weekdays 9 AM to 4 PM on 071 683 3226

The Ivan Toms Centre for Health will continue to provide services for vulnerable communities in the Western Cape. The Western Cape Department of Health and the Anova Health Institute have proudly announced that their partnership will continue to maintain the facility at the Green Point Community Health Centre.

Here’s where to go for PrEP:

Ivan Toms Centre for Health

1 Portswood Rd Greenpoint, Cape Town

The Health4Men Services Clinic in Yeoville, corner of Kenmere Rd and Hopkins, Yeoville, Johannesburg.

We look forward to seeing your sexy face!


Bruce J. Little is the Content Creator for the Anova Health Institute.

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