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First...A bit about PrEP

PrEP (pre-exposure prophylaxis against HIV) is the most modern and best-proven methods to prevent HIV.  It makes use of ARVs (anti-retroviral medications used to treat HIV) which when used by HIV negative people, keeps them negative even if they get exposed to the virus.

PrEP is simple to use, is safe and effective.  PrEP involves taking ARVs daily or around the time of sex to stay negative if one is exposed to the virus.   As the name suggests (pre-exposure prophylaxis) means taking ARVs before any exposure to HIV happens.  This means the strategy is already in place before any HIV risk occurs.  PrEP users know they are protected no matter what happens sexually, allowing for less anxiety about HIV and promotion of sexual pleasure.

Many people in our country and in your community are already using PrEP for protection.  If you would like to start PrEP, or just want more information about it, contact us here.

Starting PrEP is easy and free.  Free PrEP is available at our Ivan Toms clinic (Greenpoint) and Siseko clinic (Khayelitsha) as well as from our community outreach teams.  You can get onto PrEP in a single day without having to wait for any delays.  Your health provider will check that you are HIV negative, might take some blood to check your kidney health and will then provide you with PrEP medication and a plan to restock in one month.

PrEP is not the only way that negative people can use ARVs for HIV protection, although it is one of the best uses of ARVs!  For example, pregnant women can take ARVs to ensure their babies remain negative. Also people who have already had an exposure to HIV within the past 72 hours can take ARVs as PEP (post exposure prophylaxis) to protect them against infection.  This strategy has some downsides that can be avoided by using PrEP, but it remains an option if someone is possibly exposed to HIV and they were not using PrEP.

Where to get your PrEP (for Free):

Ivan Toms Clinic

1 Portswood Rd, Green Point, Cape Town, 8051

021 447 2844

060 633 2512

Siseko Men's Clinic

Njongo Avenue, Blue Hall, Site C Taxi Rank, Khayelitsha

(021) 388 5584

5 Facts about PrEP

  • Taking PrEP is easy
    It is! It’s just one pill a day. Simple
  • PrEP keeps you HIV free!
    PrEP keep you HIV negative even if you get exposed to the HI- virus
  • PrEP is for everyone
    If you are HIV negative, you should be on PrEP to prevent you from getting HIV
  • PrEP puts you at ease
    Prep protects you from HIV, no matter what you get up to sexually, so you can relax
  • PrEP is FREE!
    That’s right. PrEP is free at our clinics(check out where to get it below)
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