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The I Love Me Pledge

This Valentine’s, I’m not going to wait for a man to validate me with a plastic rose or heart-shaped chocolate.  This year, I’m doing it for myself.  I’m going to show myself the love I’ve been waiting for rather than…

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Health4Men: Taking Pride

Taking Pride

Like many a gay man… I love a good parade. But, I’d like to propose we do something in addition to this collective expression of identity, frivolity and partying.  Pride is awesome.  It’s a fabulous excuse for day-drinking in minimal…

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Health4Men: Instasex

Instasex: Just add condom

Marshmallows and condoms, how delayed gratification has a role to play in safer sex practices. Imagine that you’re a 5-year old who is obsessed with the gooey sweetness of pink marshmallows.  Imagine that a lady in a lab coat strikes…

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