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It’s Balls To The Walls, My Dear

It’s balls to the walls, my dear

The Testicular Cancer Society recognises April as Testicular Awareness Month. Despite being one of the most treatable forms of cancer (only 1 out of 5000 guys that are diagnosed will die from it), early diagnosis is essential because testicular cancer is metastatic, which means that the cancer can eventually spread to other organs in the body.

Here’s what to do to check yourself out and make sure your pearls are not in peril:

  1. Work on your ball skills and practice self-examining yourself, at least once a month, because every hour of every day a man is diagnosed with testicular cancer, in the U.S. alone
  1. Look out for any strange textures and unusual lumps or bumps in your ball bag
  1. Everything should feel smooth when you gently roll it between thumb and forefinger
  1. The size of your balls shouldn’t change drastically (get bigger or smaller)
  1. Take note if your ball sack feels bigger, heavier or more full of fluid
  1. Bizarrely, tenderness and swelling around the nipples and surrounding chest area can also be signs to watch out for, as can pain in the lower back or abdomen

These are not balls that you want to be juggling with, so if you suspect any of the above symptoms go and see a doctor asap.

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